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Quintanar de la Sierra

Important center of the Real Cabaña de Carreteros, preserve mansions of serrano type, with original façades and conical chimneys.


The Sierra de Atapuerca is a karstic massif where are located several archaeological sites which correspond to different moments in the Pleistocene.


We are going to make a nice walk by the pine forests that surround Quintanar de la Sierra; Thus we will discover some of the peculiarities of this area, among the many that can be found, such as the necropolis which is lost in the forest (a little more than 3 kilometers away from the village). The place is mysterious and interesting for the history enthusiasts. It is warned that this necropolis was fenced, as happens with the cemeteries of the villages of today which suggests that nearby there had to be an acropolis. A really nice tour for curious and lovers of history.


The cirque of the lakes of de Neila Negra, Larga, Corta, La Cascada, Los Patos and Brava, among others lies in one of the most solitary and magic corners of the Iberian system, in the province of Burgos. It is enclosed in a glacial cirque and is surrounded by two peaks exceeding 2,000 metres. Stands out La Campiña (2.049 m), the highest point and a unique viewpoint that allows us to see the sea of pine forests of the mountain ranges of Burgos, La Rioja, and Soria, which extends to our feet. For many years, the gaps were only visited by shepherds and lumberjacks. Now, the mountain roads have made them accessible and the structure of some of them has been reinforced to facilitate the breeding of trout.


This is a ride more aimed at lovers of history, religious mysteries and strange signs without apparent explanation, instead for authentic hikers.

Río Lobos

Rio Lobos Natural Park occupies an area of 9.850 hectares, divided between the provinces of Burgos and Soria, and its route is of 23 km, with low-medium difficulty. It was declared a natural park in 1985.


This web page aims to be a link between the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos and all those who, for one reason or another, want to know something more about our Abbey.


The Picos de Urbion outline some steep mountains, belonging to the Sistema Ibérico, rising haughty in the confines of Soria, Burgos and La Rioja. Famous because in them is born the Doero River, preserved inside an interesting array of lakes of glacial origin.

Laguna negra de Soria

This dark, fascinating and enigmatic lagoon, shrouded in legends, forms one of the most beautiful places in the province. Of glacial origin, embedded about 2,000 meters high, between granite walls and bordered by infinite pine forests, give this lagoon its dark and gloomy appearance.